Solar is too expensive

We can solve climate change with economics. There is plenty of sunlight. We have the space, in the unused fields, endless number of rooftops and vacant lots. Solar power produces no emissions and no greenhouse gasses. We can store solar energy in batteries, in flywheels, in heat, in phase change materials for when the sun isn't shining.

We don't use solar because it costs too much. Let's change that.

What if Solar is cheap?

Think about the consequences of how the world would change if the cost of producing solar energy is less than gasoline. What if it is less than coal? Less than nuclear, natural gas and hydropower? If solar were cheaper than fossil fuels, would you demand more solar power?



Re-engineer old Science

We believe it is possible to take ideas that have been around for decades and rethink how to build them to reduce the cost. We believe that when the ideas are available for free to anyone in the world, others will refine their techniques to lower the cost for everyone.

The world needs us

Zenman Energy is a non-profit organization that is attempting to solve this worldwide problem. We're not doing this for money, we're doing this to ensure a future for our children. We need more brains and more money. Whether you are an engineer, an accountant or a meter maid doesn't matter. We need you to contribute.

Become a Zenman member and see what we've started. Help us improve the system. If you don't have the technical knowledge to help us design and build the system, consider become a Zenman Sponsor. If you had $5 or even $25 less each month would you even notice the difference? 

We would!
We need you. The world needs us.